Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Some Goings On

My girl napping. I love this--two lovies, a pillow pet, her favorite cowboy blanket (handmade by a family friend) and her Minnie.

I was making dinner the other night and she had been very busy playing. "Look Mom!" she said, "an ice cream cone!"

And then, of course, she licked it!

Here is what my son has been playing a lot of lately.

Chris got an old Nintendo off of Ebay and James get to play it for a little while every day as a special treat. We are taking an extended break from the WII--he gets a little too riled up. I like that the Nintendo Mario game is a little less involved.

The kids were excited to get a package from Peepaw last week--in it was this fabulous chapter book on American Indians that James has been pouring over.

I was so happy to see him reading it. Sure he comes across words h doesn't know, but he sounds them out on his own and asks me what they mean.

And he's pretty happy about being such a good reader!

And here is a little video I shot of one of Ella's new stomping temper tantrums:

That's it for now--I have an interview tomorrow for full time work with a company that I really admire. It is my second in the interview process and involves a webcast presentation that I had to put together. I have enjoyed being challenged a bit, but of course I am feeling guilty at the prospect of going back to work full time. We see how it shakes out. Wish me luck!


spindrift,me said...

Luck, Allison! I'll be thinking of you.

When you settle down from all that, come visit my blog. Yes, old women can blog, too! xo ancient woman from Coombs Road. (Tandy's owner's mom)

Stephanie said...

Good luck, Allison! I'll be thinking of you! :) xo

p.s. James' reading is amazing!!

A New England Life said...

I cannot believe how big Ella is! Oh my gosh! Don't you just love watching them sleep? It's like a slice of heaven.

I hope the interview goes well, though I have to admit I could never have worked full time when the girls were little. It goes by to fast and I was a bit of a control freak thinking no one else could take care of them like I could. Part time was more than enough for me. Ha, it still is!

Allison said...

Mike!! I love that you are blogging!

Stephanie--thanks so much!

Sharon, I know what you mean--it is such a hard decision. Lots to think about.