Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mmmmm . . . a Yummy Saturday

What a wonderful day it has been today.

I am sitting here blogging while the aroma of minestrone is filling the house. Don't you love a homemade soup that fills you up with warmth and love? I always chop some prosciutto and caramelize it with some onions in the beginning to add a wonderful depth of flavor.

I am just about to begin making bread from this recipe. It is a tried and true recipe that gives you lovely homemade bread in under two hours. You can't ask for much more heaven than that. Well, after you have slathered it with some Kate's Butter from Maine, or Cabot.

I just put Ella down for her nap. Lately she has been wanting to sing the pretty song, which is actually "You are My Sunshine" but I sing "You are so pretty" in the first line instead. She loves it.

James and Chris are at this very moment sitting in the XL Center in downtown Hartford watching a Monster Jam Truck Show! James was so excited about it--this morning he woke up and told me that he had had a dream that was "Momster Jam-ish." I add "ish" a lot to things I say, it is a little quirk of mine that he has picked up. I can't wait to see the excitement on his face when they get back home. A little alone time for Daddy and his boy is a good thing.

Before Ella's nap we made Valentine's Day cards for Chris and James. Ella is so insistent "Mommy, I CUT!" and "Mommy I GLUE!". What a personality! Sometimes on the phone my Dad calls her "his little Pumpkin." I love that--but sometimes it is more like his "little Jack O' Lantern," you know, one with a wicked face. She is a sassy girl, for sure.

Wow, look at this--all writing and no photos. I guess you can tell that I am enjoying a moment of quiet.

My bloggy friend Stephanie has been in my thoughts lately. I enjoy her writing style. I used to write much more in my blog, but got somewhat turned off to sharing so many private thoughts. I was reading her blog and remembering how good it feels to get my thoughts out. Not for anyone else, but just for me. And then a family friend let me know that she had started a blog. Her writing style is wonderful, and her thoughts are interspersed with poetry and photos from my home town. Reading her posts, and Stephanie's posts made me want to begin to write more again. So here I am.

And did you see my new banner? James drew it a few weeks ago. Lovely for Valentine's Day, don't you think?

I hope you all have a wonderful Love Day on Monday.




A New England Life said...

What an adorable picture. The kind you keep forever : )

I love a simple saturday. Mine has been similar, not what I had planned but good. Tonight we're going out for pizza, I think.

James will have a blast watching the Monster trucks! Boys and their toys. Ha!

Stephanie said...

moi?? :) I have always loved your blog and would be thrilled for you to share more of your thoughts about your sweet life and family. Your friend's blog sounds lovely. xo

p.s. Love Vintage Pollyanna, too!