Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

I really do love Valentine's Day!

I took the kiddos to get balloons today and they came home with these.

I had to laugh when James had initially picked a Sponge Bob Valentine's Day balloon, but then he said "I think it is just a little silly, Mom, and I would rather have one with cursive on it." So that's what he got!

You might notice that the dress Ella is wearing is the same one she wore in the Christmas card photos. I am a little short of red clothing for her. I was laughing to myself when she and I were picking out an outfit this morning, because she has to much PINK. She's a girly girl!

I am about to start making a heart-shaped chocolate cookie / bar with the kids for Chris. My Dad gave me a wonderful old heart-shaped baking pan and I am excited to use it.

I snapped this photo of the pups yesterday. I feel like it is a great example of puppy love.

Have a wonderful day!


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Stephanie said...

I absolutely adore this puppy pic. And I am not even a dog person!!! :) Also, the header is super sweet.