Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Downright Amazing Snowfall of 2011

I am just STUNNED by how much snow we have gotten . . . take a look!

Oh, wait--that was last week. This is what we have now:

CRAZY! There just isn't any place to even put it now!

Check this out--after having just gotten 2 feet of snow last week, this is what we got last night--another foot!

It makes for some pretty phenomonal icicles, snowbanks and drifts!

The poor birds won't even be able to sit on the feeders today.

Luckily, Chris got a snow rake and spent two hours yesterday clearing the snow from the roof! There have been several building collapses around the state, and we heard on the news this morning about a barn collapse with four horses inside. So sad--we don't know the outcome on that yet.

There is a pool under here somewhere!

Check out Ella's little playhouse. I feel like a North Pole elf is going to step out the front door and wave any moment!

I do love the snow, though! But maybe not quite this month!

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Kelly said...! I would love to get that much snow at one time! It's so pretty (although with all the shoveling, I know it's a pain too...). Lovely photos of the snow!