Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Puzzle Man

James has been really interested in the United States of America puzzle for the last few days. He played it on Friday night when Olivia the babysitter was over, and he has played it a couple of times a day since. He was very excited to put it together with his Grandpa on Sunday. He made it again this morning and I asked him if we could take a photo.

I asked him a few questions.

"James, why do you like doing the USA puzzle?"

"Because it is fun, and because I like to play with it every day."

"What is your favorite state on the puzzle?"



"Because Grandpa lives in Maine."

My heart is just BURSTING with that answer!!!


Anonymous said...

So sweet; he's a thoughtful child! Plus, he'll be ahead of half the kids in the class with his US geography knowledge. :)

Jayne said...

Puzzles are just the greatest activity. What a smart guy!

Vic said...

That's soooo great! Dontcha just love smart kids....well they're all smart but really he's just too cute not to love:)

Allison said...

He's so funny--he is definitely obsessed with it right now. And yeah, I think he's kinda smart. ;-)

thursday said...

Hi Allison,

Just wanted to pass along the site where I found those free vintage printables. Enjoy! www.freeprettythingsforyou.com

Allison said...

Thursday!! Love the site! I am adding it to my blogroll over at Vintage Pollyanna!