Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Wild Backyard

*edited to say that the "unidentified Bird" is an American Goldfinch.

We continue to enjoy all of the visitors to the feeders. Here are some recent photos of who has been dropping by!

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal


Tufted Titmouse

Yet to be Identified American Goldfinch

Pesky, Good-for-Nothing, Rotten Squirrel

Downy Woodpecker

We also have a million Chickadees and Pine Siskins. I have only seen Robins twice. If anyone can help us to identify the one bird shown here, we would appreciate it.

Happy Monday!


Kim said...

Love your birdfeeders and your love of vintage! I too love vintage things especailly stuff from the 40's!

I think the unidentified bird is a goldfinch.

Allison said...

I think you are right! Looks like an American Goldfinch. Thanks Kallen305!

Kelly said...

...such a pretty feeder! I like its design...and I LOVE your site with the mix of birds, family, food and art! The bunnies in the banner are so cute (is it from the story where the mamma is teaching the baby how to run away from a fox? If so, it was one of my son's favorite stories!). Also fun to see the Dick and Jane characters...I love that art style.

Jayne said...

Definitely an American Goldfinch not quite yet going into breeding plumage. :c) Thanks so much for stopping by my Journey Through Grace and for your kind comments! You have a lovely blog as well.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Love these pictures! I'd love to have all these great feeders & feathered friends!

Liz said...

Is that unidentified bird like BRIGHT green? We have that, too. No cardinals here but lots of Robins and I call the Titmouse "Mohawk Bird" - and other, various dirty words generated from the scientific term - and don't even get me started on what we call the various woodpeckers.

Larry said...

It looks like your unidentified bird has been identified. Cool looking birdfeeders and nice photos!

Regina said...

Tried to get a picture of a house finch that was perched on our front railing but I didn't move fast enough. :(

Hope you're smiling tonight.