Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Best Dog Ever

Yes, that's right, the title of this post is "The Best DOG Ever."
You see, our cat Henry is really a dog.
He is so convinced of that fact that I am also convinced.
He eats dog food.
He "barks" to be let out.
He chases the other dogs.
He plays with James.
His love is never conditional.
He is a lap dog.
He cuddles with us in bed.
He is fiercely protective.
He stands on his hind legs to look out the door.
He sleeps in the dog beds.

But, just so we don't forget, I took this picture of him today,
gazing intently at the birds on the feeders.

It's that "King of the Cats" look that says
"Mmm . . . my, don't YOU look tasty, little bird."

So handsome. Our Henry.

1 comment:

Gini said...

My god - he is huge!!! Is he really as big as he seems in the photo??? Funny post. Hey, can you send me his picture in an email? Full size? I want to play with it a little if that's OK.