Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching Up

That Cream Cheese Pound Cake I made yesterday?

It turned out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I spent a great afternoon with a wonderful girlfriend,
someone who really gets me, and whom I enjoyed catching up with.

Oh, and she brought me these:

And here are a few more pics of the wee ones:

Can you see Mater in this picture? Hee hee.

Here is how Ella likes to spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon--
lounging with a good book.

James called me over to the table yesterday--
he said it was my birthday and I needed to
come and blow out my candle.

And since this theme is going around, here is my own sleepy time shot.

Despite a quietly calm and sweet weekend,
I can't shake a certain sadness.

I hope it passes soon.

Look at my beautiful children.
How could I possibly spend one more second feeling sad?

It is probably just the rain.

Come on, SPRING!


Liz said...

You don't know me very well, so I will just hope you've "read" me well enough for this to come out right:

Your mom died, dude. It's ok to feel pretty sad for a pretty long time.

All in good time... all in good time.

Allison said...

Liz, thank you, I appreciate it. I am actually sad about something different--it is hard to be as specific as I would like to, I guess that it why I should just have a personal journal, right? Family stuff is hard, I am at odds with my sister right now and it has me all tangled up inside.

midge said...

what beautiful photos of darling little ones. sometimes sadness comes to teach us how good it is to feel happy

Tara said...

Things will get better - swear.

If you want to talk I'm here.


alice c said...

Hi Allison,
That cake looks very delicious - just the thing for a hungry family.

I am so sad for you - grief doesn't vanish overnight - it goes on and on. You will all be reacting in different ways and I am afraid that might mean unhappiness and arguments just when you need support and love the most. It is completely normal for this to happen. Don't be too hard on yourself.