Sunday, September 28, 2008


Saturday afternoon
scattered showers
welcoming friends to the new place
11 adults
6 little ones
grilling in the rain
a few cases of Newcastle
lots of laughter and catching up
burned hotdogs
New England-style hot dog rolls
Smartfood popcorn
a killer pasta salad
naps for the babies
another round for the adults
we used to talk about everything but kids
now all we talk about is our kids
old memories spun into stories
new memories made
should have taken more pictures
smiles everywhere
5 years away
it's good to be back

Casey, Chris & Chris


Kim said...

It was a fun time!

Hey - just read your new profile. Don't wish for snow too soon!!

Jerolyn said...

I like my dogs well done~however I saw Christophers dogs on Kimmy's blog and ummmm, I probably woulda filled up on pasta salad there haha!