Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deere John,

What is it about boys and their toys? When we moved to the rental house there was an old John Deere riding mower in the garden shed that according to the landlord wouldn't start. You know Chris--he got right to tinkering with it and now it works like a dream!

James was very excited to get to ride on his Daddy's tractor!

We went to the Four Town fair on Sunday and had to stop in the John Deere tent where Chris bought a hat for himself and a sweatshirt for the boy. So I say, Deere John, what is it about your famous green and yellow machines that excite my guys so much?

And here is a blast from the past: Guess who this little guy is riding Chris' old mower a few years back?

Time flies!


Gini said...

uhh..blond eyes...I guess that would be one of mine. I thought of that when I first started reading this post....and then I scrolled down. Too funny.

Kim said...

Again, I'm not sure which kid is enjoying it more....

Jerolyn said...

Chris is such a Tinker~Belle. So since he got it working can he keep it???