Thursday, September 18, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, I am getting around to sharing more of the pics I have been taking. Here are few fun ones of James helping Chris slide empty packing boxes down the stairs into the basement.

It just goes to show you that you don't need a bunch of toys for a kid to have a great time. (Yes Mom, I know you have told me that A HUNDRED TIMES, LOL)

I have never heard him shriek with laughter playing with his trains as much as he did pushing box after box down the stairs!

Yes, I was careful to make sure that the force of his pushing didn't send him tumbling down the stairs after the boxes (well, at least when I wasn't crazily snapping pictures!)

Some of the boxes were bigger than him!

Just look at the smile on his face! It cracks me up.

I know I have been light on pictures of Ella--here is one of her sleeping. So peaceful!

And here are a couple of James on a pony at the Four Town Fair. I was a little miffed that I didn't get to walk him around myself. (I cut out the people that lead the pony and were holding him).

I think he would have had more fun if I had been there with him, boring him with stories of my own pony that I had as a kid on the farm growing up . . . how his name was Trigger . . . how he looked just like the one he was riding . . . how we walked barefoot up hill both ways for four miles to the little one-room schoolhouse . . . . (OK, realizing that I am starting to sound like my Dad . . . S C A R Y!!!)

And yes, I did take my three and a half week old baby girl to the fair, and everyone was astonished, or freaked out, or clearly thought I was crazy and or negligent for bringing her . . . but hey, or HAY, I'm a farm girl and I had to see the cows. So there! I'll be sure to let everyone know if she comes down with hoof and mouth disease . . . PUH LEEZE.

We had so much fun. I just considered it a primer for the Big E!

And one last one of James playing trains. Love him!

He has been very cute with Ella--we pretty much call her "Little Baby Sister" instead of Ella, as that is what he calls her.

More to come!


Kim said...

Great pictures. I love that you cut out the people that were leading the pony!

Gini said...

James is way adorable in the one where it looks like he is going "tee hee hee hee"....Miss him, too.

Denise said...

Thanks for catching us up! Love the Ella pix - keep them coming.

Jerolyn said...

ONE photo of Ella? Come on, throw us more than one bone here!

James looks cute though as always!

Kim said...

We have that same train track set! Hudson calls Emsley, "Baby Gurlll!" With a very strong Tennessee accent!