Friday, September 26, 2008

Lovin' the Hotsling

I feel like I must take a moment to praise my nanny, my second pair of hands, my babysitter and my cradle -- in other words-- I LOVE MY HOTSLING.

What the heck is that, you ask?

A Hotsling is a type of baby carrier that is made from one continuous loop of fabric, with no straps or buckles. It can be used to carry babies and toddlers up to 35 pounds and in a variety of positions. I used it constantly with James, and it looks like I'll be doing the same with my Ella girl.

Here is a pic from their website illustrating the "cradle" position for a newborn:

The Hotsling enables me to :
make dinner
wash dishes
fold laundry
sit on a conference call
go to the bathroom (sorry, but it's TRUE)
nurse discreetly
make banana muffins
feed the dogs
and most importantly . . .


And for that, I am eternally grateful!


Kim said...

I've got one of those things too!!! Love it! It is the only way I can go anywhere with all 4 of my kids!!

3 of them squished in the double stroller and she around my body!! haha

Kim said...

Never tried one of those - sounds handy.