Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ready for Christmas!

So this is our tree this year and I have one word: HUGE!!!!

Our new home has great ceilings for a tree of this height--so we decided to go for it. I did forget that a tree of this size requires a little more work, a much larger tree stand lots of water!

It looks great, especially now that our new sectional has finally arrived and we can sit in this room and enjoy the tree and the fireplace!

Has your jaw dropped yet? I know--mine did when I first saw this fireplace--and I am in love with it! See those feet? That is Chris enjoying our first fire in the new place, after having hung all of the lights on the house!

We have always done traditional candles in the windows, but James was beginning to ask when we were going to put lights on the house. Plus, the roof line is so perfect for lights that we decided to do it. These are the new LED lights and they require very little energy. James and Ella are THRILLED!

Here is the wreath from Maine that my Dad made. He makes one for me every year (and for my sister, all of our family and his friends and neighbors, too.) Nice bow, Dad!

Here's a shot from outside:

The mantle was fun to decorate--it is just a little narrower than I would like. I can't do greens and anything else. Maybe next year it will just be greens, and my favorite tree candle will find another location in the house.

Rocco enjoying the fire on his brand new dog bed (aka the sectional).

Ella loves the fire too--we are teaching her to respect it, but for the most part she is pretty sensible about it. Here she is with James' DS--she doesn't know how to play it, she just turns it off and on. The penguin on the left? I have had that for years! Another great gift from Mom and Dad.

Here are a few of the fun cards we have received--the one in the middle is from 2008 from my parents, and the last one before my Mom passed away. They usually always gave (and my dad still does) vintage cards for every occasion. The one on the left is from my sister. It was fun that she wrote in it because James was able to read all of it!

Amy and Dad are coming for Christmas from Maine and that will be the best present EVER!

Love the tree this year! OK, gotta go, I am making Chocolate Bark, Candied Orange Peels and my Mom's Snowballs today!

Whatever you are doing to get ready for the big day, I am sending you thoughts of peace and warmth and happiness for Christmas!




Christy said...

Wow! That tree is amazing. I love the fireplace.

I linked to you in my post today. I made the chocolate bark and we can't stop eating it. I'm hoping it lasts until Christmas eve!

Jayne said...

So beautiful and cozy Allison. Thanks for the sweet Christmas card! Hoping you and yours have a magical Christmas. :c)

Anonymous said...

Your fireplace makes me think you live in a log cabin...it's wonderful! You guys did a wonderful job with the decorating; everything is beautiful. Your dad makes wonderful wreaths! Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas, Allison!

sheri said...

TOTALLY AWESOME! Happy New Home :)) So New England with your perfect little touches. I'm sure holidays were quite memorable: family gatherings are the best. Hope to see you soon....xoxoxoxoxoxoxo