Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picking a Beautiful Tree for Christmas

Every year since we have been back in New England we have gone to Dzen Tree Farm to find our tree. This year, we decided to get an 11 footer since we have such high ceilings in the living room. Measuring . . . (this ultimately is not the tree we picked.)I remember there always being more snow on the ground than there was on this morning last week, but it was still pretty!

I had told James that we were getting a really big tree this year, but I don't think he realized how BIG until he saw it! (I did not realize how tall 11 feet was until I carried it, put the lights on it, and decorated it!!!)

Ella was not that interested in the whole game of find a tree. She preferred playing with this stick:

Getting ready to shout "TIMBER!" (Hint: tall trees have thicker trunks, too.)

I snapped this shot quickly and was really pleased with it:

A close up of Ella, still not all that interested. That will change in the next post--she pretty much directed the tree trimming this year!

My men, hauling in the tree:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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