Thursday, December 2, 2010

James' First Pre-K Concert at Pre-School for the Arts

James' first pre-school concert was this past Tuesday. His school, the Ellington Pre-School for the Arts hosted the event at a local church. It reminded me of when I graduated from Three Little Bears Nursery School, in a similar church basement.

Here is a look at a couple of his art pieces that were displayed in their art show:

Here he is below, having just found his seat. Does he look excited?

Ella wanted very much to join all of the big kids onstage!

Here is a closeup of him, having so much fun with the performance.

Here they are singing "I Have A Car and Its Made of Tin."

What is it about preschoolers, all dressed up, singing so beautifully that makes me want to smile? I LOVED IT!!

I have a similar picture of myself in the front row of a little recital that we had at my elementary school when I was in first grade. Maybe James will be showing one of these photos to his children!

I especially loved all of the scene design--it was great!

Just look at his smile! I always say that I had to go to college to get my theatre degree--this kid was born for the stage!

What a great time he had! Chris and I were so proud. We love being a part of his new school community, and we are so happy that James has found a such a wonderful place to learn and play!


The Preschool Teachers said...

Thanks for the recipe, we can't wait to try it. Also we're glad that you enjoyed the concert and are happy that James is part of our school :)

Anonymous said...

I just love that James is so happy and delighted to be up on stage and performing! My oldest son was always the biggest grump when his preschool made him perform. Oy.