Saturday, December 5, 2009

Packed Up and Waiting for the Truck!

Henry enjoying some new found play space during packing.

Yup--we're moving! Today's the day we say goodbye to our sweet little house in the country, and move into a 1920s Craftsman home right on the Connecticut and Massachusetts border.

There are many reasons for the move, not the least of which is getting closer to family (but the fact that we can walk to school and the library is certainly a plus!) Picture a typical, Norman Rockwell-ish town green--well, our home is mere blocks from that!

What I'll miss: the throngs of wild turkeys, the grazing deer, the peace and solitude of country living, and the absolute gift of driving through the countryside every day--past the stone walls, the red barns and the pastures of sheep and horses.

What I'm looking forward to: not having to drive 40 minutes to get to any kind of a store (okay, okay, Old Navy); hooking up my two-seater kid trailer to my bike and pedaling all over town; watching James play with his cousins; being that much closer to my Dad and sister in Maine; being a stone's throw from my very very good friend Tara; sharing family meals with my sister-s-in-law and their families; and the undoubted hours I will be spending gazing adoringly at all of the vintage elements of the home (especially the vintage glass door hardware!)

So, signing off for a few days while we move and get settled.

Now stop reading my blog and go get your tree, or bake some cookies!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Congratulations...this sounds SO perfect. **green with envy**

going to decorate now...

alice c said...

Tree, cookies, wreath, Christmas cards...yes Ma'am, I'm on the case, but first I want to wish you happy landings in your new home and I hope that you packed some sweet memories of your little house in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for a low-stress, seamless move for you! I can tell it's a good move, and that you guys will truly be home. Hugs!

Stephanie said...

My goodness! I wish you a wonderful move and can't wait to see the pictures of your new home once you're settled. :) Congrats!!

Jayne said...

Well now, aren't you all just adventurous... moving during Christmas time!! Congratulations on your new home. Can't wait to see photos of it and the lucky town who will call you its newest residents!