Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Little Story about A Little Girl and A Little Chair

Once upon a time there was a sweetheart of a little girl named Ella Josephine. She had curly locks and bright blue eyes and the prettiest little smile you ever did see.

Now one day a while back, Ella's grandmother Judy found a teensey-weensey chair, just right for a cute little girl. It had a sweet puppy on it, and Judy knew that her granddaughter, who at the time was only a peanut that couldn't yet walk or talk, would adore it.

She swooped up the chair and took it and kept it so that one day it would be a special gift for her little granddaughter, whom she affectionately called Lu-lu.

Now it just so happened that Ella was to grow into that chair before her grandmother would have the pleasure of giving it to her in person. But, Ella's Grandpaw Chuck, remembered that the chair had been tucked away in a safe place all those months ago, and he brought it with him when he came to visit on Christmas Day.

Now, Miss Ella can sit on that chair all by herself, and swing her legs, and sigh, and sing, and daydream, just like her Grandmother knew that she would.

Thank you, Grandma. And thank you, Grandpaw!



A New England Life said...

I didn't know you were blogging again Allison! My gosh the kids are growing. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. You and your husband have so much to celebrate.

Little Ella is just the cutest thing with her chubby cheeks. I'm sure your mom wishes she could be here to see Ella swing those little legs but in her heart she surely knew what joy it would bring to her granddaughter.

Happy New Year!


Daisie said...

Ella is so lovely sitting on her chair, like a proper big girl!
Thanks for popping in and saying hello, we do like visitors!

Jayne said...

That smile is just priceless!