Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Beauty is in the Details

We are all moved in, and I am just captivated by many of the little details of our new home!

I love how this archway . . .

. . . mirrors this archway. (Makes for an interesting time figuring out how to hang a shower curtain and a mistreatment for it. I've already e-mailed Nester for some suggestions!) And look at the beadboard!!!

There are a number of little, teeny-tiny windows that are just BEGGING for some blue glass bud vases . . .

The house is heated with radiators, which evokes childhood memories of the dressing room at Faye Pie's School of Dance . . .

This lovely door separates the living room from the sunroom / playroom/ keep-all-the-toys-in-one-place-room . . .

And another archway, this one in Ella's room . . .

I also love the vintage door hardware, and the layers and layers and layers of paint . . .

This banister might have the ONLY unpainted wood in the house (besides the floors)!

Did I mention the vintage door hardware? (There are some repro knobs, but a couple of original ones!)

I love how the reproduction lighting fixtures were so thoughtfully chosen, and how great they look with our antique pieces.

Did I mention the archways?

And here is perhaps my most favorite detail of all: the coatroom! The peg hooks are painted red and are at child height, and run around three of the four walls in the little room. SWEET!
This has been a lovely last few days--the move went very smoothly, and many thanks to all of our family and friends who helped make it possible.

I must say that I am in love with radiator heat--it is just so, RADIANT. I feel like it really soaks into my bones. I also love all of the creaky places in the floors, the history every where I turn, the tree-lined streets and the beautiful neighborhood. And the birds!!! So many birds--I have already seen doves, robins, juncos, crows, sparrows, and more.

So, as we settle in and get to know the place, I hope you are all well and enjoying preparing for the holidays. I am very excited because my Dad and sister are coming to the new place on Christmas Day--driving from Maine no doubt with a Subaru station wagon filled to the brim with gifts for the kids. I can't wait for them to enjoy our new home.




Busy Bee Suz said...

Your new home looks just delightful. I am sure this will be a wonderful Christmas full of sweet memories! Enjoy.

Michelle said...

Yay!!! Congrats on getting all moved! The house looks darling...what great details. Love the archways too! Friday will be "the move" day...and not all too soon...snow and ice expected for the weekend.

Lots of love and hugs...and get all settled in and cozied up!


Michelle and her kitties :)

Liz said...

Allison - I love all those little details, too. And I absolutely love the town you've chosen.
Truly, truly a wonderful choice for you and your family - in the house and extended!!
How long will you plan to stay? Did you have to sign a lease or is it month-to-month?

Allison said...

Suz--I am sure this will be a great Christmas!

Michelle--I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Liz-we signed a year lease--I hope we can stay for several years until we find the perfect place to buy! (The last renter was here for 17 years, and I can see why!)

TeresaR said...

The architectural details in your new home are amazing!

Our previous house had those glass doorknobs that a friend of mine drooled over every time she visited.

The arches are my favorite though. :)

Enjoy your holidays with family in your new home, dear Allison!


Jayne said...

How lovely to be so 'in love' with your new home already! :c) May you all create many beautiful memories as you settle into your new home.

Flannery Buchanan said...

I can't wait to venture across the street and see all these details for myself! Love it! And I can't wait to share all of the details of my house with you. Love this street!