Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little James and Mommy Time

James and I have been enjoying a little time, just he and I, playing Go Fish after Ella goes to bed.

The cards are from 1951 and were a gift from my Dad. I love the fishy illustrations, the aged colors and the little box that has seen many, many years of use.

I love how James' eyebrows seem to go sky-high when he realizes he has a match. I love how I still have to tell him everytime to tell me to "Go Fish."

I love how he first learned to play in a hand with his Aunt Gini and Uncle Bill, and how he loved it so much that it has become a regular pastime for us.

When I was younger, my sister and I received an Atari for Christmas--and now James has a Wii--and that same childlike excitement that comes with a new toy is consuming him.

I am glad though, that he is interested in this little deck of cards that is now 60 years old. Sometimes the simple quiet of a card game is better than anything in the world.


TeresaR said...

How very cool that James is playing with antique (just about...LOL!) Go Fish cards!

Kelly said...

...I like that deck of cards too. Reminds me of the old deck of "Author's" cards I would play with my grandma over 40 years ago!

Jayne said...

We could play Old Maid and Go Fish for hours on end. But then, of course, there were only three channels on the TV and kids programming only came on Saturday mornings. We had no electronic anything... simpler times indeed. Glad he enjoys it so much. :c)

Allison said...

Thanks ladies! It is such a sweet time for us--I really treasure it. Just like when I read to him at night--I know that the experience will be fleeting, so I am holding on to it very tightly.

Kelly--I'll have to look up Author's, I haven't heard of it!

Jayne--we also played Old Maid--we haven't found a great old deck yet--although I do have Snap!