Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh My Goodness . . .

The pups, lounging in the sun. Gino hurt his foreleg, and the joint was very swollen, but after a trip to the vet and some antibiotics he is doing much better.

On another note, Ella is starting to use a spoon and fork! She was very proud of herself while eating her eggs. She was actually able to spear them with the fork and get them in her mouth!

One of my birthday presents from my grandparents included two jars of Smucker's Plum Jam in the box. You just can't get it here (they live in Oklahoma).

Ella loves her toast with plum jam, just like her Mommy does!

I took this picture of Ella a couple of days ago--I think I am obsessed with her little toes--they are so perfect! I would like to eat them up!

And to follow up on yesterday's post: When I say I am terrified of using my Mom's machine it is really because I remember having a terrible time loading the bobbin, and it pretty much turned me off of sewing while I was in high school. (As I write this, I can see my Mom shaking her head, saying that her machine was so easy that our old dog rascal could have operated it. Love you Mom!)

So, I am looking for an easy beginner machine that will last--my friend Stephanie will think I am crazy, but after visiting the local sewing machine shop, and talking with the owner (who is an older Italian gentleman that was completely taken with James) I am going with a Janome Youstyle 100. I am going to pick it up today! Mr. Gittanella is giving me a discount because he said he was so impressed with James, and because James informed him that his middle name is Sebastiano (which is Mr. Gittanella's brother's name).

My very first project is going to be crayon roll. Stephanie made one for James and I thought it was just an amazing idea!

Anyhoo--gotta go--a busy day ahead!


Stephanie said...

I don't think you're crazy! After reading what you wrote here yesterday I thought it really made sense. Local would be the best option. :) I'm so glad you are getting one and can't wait to see your first project. :) xo

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sad about your dog. Poor fella.
Your little girl is adorable and her toes ARE delicious. :)
I have a great little sewing machine. But it is covered with dust.

Jayne said...

Prayers for Gino... poor baby.

So cute to see Ella eating with a spoon! That plum jam sounds yummy!