Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Perfection

There is a little meadow down the road from our house that I love. When we drive by it I picture myself riding a horse through the green grass, and daydreaming about everything and nothing in particular.

This is the kind of meadow that I would like to call my own someday. Perhaps it would have a small log cabin with a wrap-around-porch, and a two-stall horse barn (one for a horse, the other for a goat or a donkey).

In this meadow my children would run and play, screaming and laughing, chasing each other like dragonflies on a summer evening.

In the winter we would hitch the horse to a vintage sleigh and give rides to our family and friends who would be snuggled under a homemade wool blanket and drinking mulled cider from a thermos.

In this field one day I would set up a tent and rows of white chairs and I would renew my vows with my husband.

There is so much possibility in a green field such as this. But for now, its greatest pleasure for me is the portrait of Fall that it creates. Enjoy.

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Jayne said...

How breathtakingly gorgeous! I love your description of living there...