Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 36 today! I am hoping that 36 is the new 26--I don't really feel old or anything, (although this is the year that I did start applying wrinkle cream.)

This year I was totally torn between choosing one of two gift options. The first is a pair of Frye boots that I adore. They retail for about $250.

Seriously, aren't they gorgeous? (sigh)

The other option is a sewing machine. I have my Mom's Kenmore machine from 1960ish and it terrifies me.

I want one that is easy enough for a beginner, but that I can also grow into. I was looking at this Brother that retails for $179 on Amazon (and interestingly I asked my friend Stephanie what she uses and she recommended this one! However--now that I have made up my mind to get a sewing machine (which will help me fulfill my dreamy visions of churning out pillowcase dresses for my daughter) I want it NOW.

If I get it from Amazon it won't get here NOW. I found it online at Wal-mart for $149 but NO STORE IN THE STATE CARRIES IT. Drat!

So, I am taking some other advice that I received to visit my local sewing machine shop (there is one in Glastonbury) and see what they can recommend. They looked a little high-end on line, but when I called the woman was VERY sweet and helpful, and when I told her that I was looking in the $100 to $150 range, she said they could definitely help me, and they had some good used machine options for me to try out.

Gotta love shopping local! So, stay tuned--we'll see what happens!


Jayne said...

Hmmmm.... difficult choices...lol! Hope you are able to get exactly what you want! And uh.... there's always Christmas.... for the boots? Tee hee hee. A very happy bleated birthday to you my friend!! ;c)

alice c said...

Happy Birthday!! If you wear those boots you will be way too sassy for a 36 year old and I wouldn't be able to talk to you anymore so I am glad that you chose the sewing machine.

Have a wonderful year with your lovely family.