Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Weekend in Brunswick, Part II

On our trip back to Maine last weekend, we were glad to be able to spend some good time with my Dad at the house.

James loves to visit his Grandpaw, because he gets to play with all sorts of great things. My Dad has a collection of antique duck decoys, and for whatever reason, James is fascinated with them. He calls them "dekes" and is usually carrying one around the house the whole time we are there.

This time though, his Grandpaw had put some vintage bats and gloves aside for him. James is clearly becoming a southpaw, and we will be encouraging him to pitch for the Red Sox!

As you can see, there are no aluminum bats for this boy--I guess when he gets big enough for tee-ball he'll have a good swing!

Ella had a great time visiting, too, even though she is a little touchy around Dad. That was the way James was with my Mom--so now I guess it's Dad's turn!

We were talking about how Mom always thought that I needed to have started Ella on baby food sooner (Mom would have been giving Ella apricots immediatley after her birth, LOL.) Anyhow, I was wondering what her weight was, and wouldn't you know it, Dad has a vintage baby scale in the house!

I mean, really, I guess I shouldn't find it that surprising--given all the great stuff he has!

Turns out she loved it! And, she weighs 17 pounds. She is getting to be a little chunker! I love a fat baby! Take a look at these thighs!

Did I mention in the previous post that we went back to Danny's for hotdogs and Cote's for ice cream on Sunday? Yup. Can't get enough of that good, hometown food. Next time we'll be hitting Fat Boys Drive-In, and James will get to see his Auntie Amy car-hopping!

Next installment--our trip on the Airline Rail Trail!


Redhead in Vegas said...

Your family is so beautiful. I love taking a few minutes to read your blog everyday. It makes me remember how incredibly wonderful it is to enjoy the simple things in life, like chubby baby thighs!

alice c said...

Check out those knees! Adorable!

Is it true that you have the cutest kids in the whole of the USA?

Liz said...

Great Legs!

Stephanie said...

What a fun trip you guys had. I wanna go to Brunswick! :) I love Maine. xx

Kelly said...

Your family is so cute! Your son must have been in Seventh Heaven with all that vintage ball equipment. What great memories he will have...

Allison said...

Thanks Redhead--I really appreciate my regular readers. Have you been blogging more lately? I must stop in and see!

Why yes, Alice, as far as I know, I DO have the cutest kids in the whole US of A!!!

Thanks Liz!

I feel like you would love Brunswick, Stephanie. Really, I do.

I think you are right about James making great memories with his Grandpaw, Kelly!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What a fun trip!!! It looks like such a neat town... makes me wish we could take a trip up the East Coast! And all the treasures in your dad's house? Wow!

Your kids ARE so adorable!

Kim said...

girl - I swear I just thinking about you earlier today! Okay it is 1:40 in the morning - so actually it was yesterday!! I know, I know - I need to post!!! I went to Blissdom in Feb and it was a real downer for me and I've yet to get in the swing of things since!! I promise to get better!!! I hope all is well and looks like your Dad has some great stuff! I think I might visit to see what I can play with - haha!!