Friday, April 3, 2009

Ella and Baby Food Jar Easter Craft

Catching up from yesterday: (I am NOT paying $20 a frickin' year for 10 Gigs of additional photo storage, I am NOT deleting any pics from my blog to make room, and so I am squeezing these downsized pics into the last 1000th of a gig I have left to do so. I still don't know what I am going to do, perhaps have a Tutta la Storia II?)

Anyhoo . . .

Here's my G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. baby girl.

She is so proud of herself when she is up on all fours. It is a delight to watch.

Especially when she falls over and bonks her little head and then laughs.

My new bloggy friend Sarah over at Vintage Chic Home posted this great craft idea on her blog. I have been dying to do this--and it was a great way to repurpose the baby food jars I have been recycling.

OK, so yes, as Sarah mentioned, this craft is a little old for an almost 3 year-old (HOLY CRAP, did I just type "3 year-old"? Excuse me while I pass out.)

James did have a blast gluing in googly eyes and pom poms, and shaking the jars to get the paint distributed. And he laughed his butt off at the googly eyes. It just totally cracked him up.

Easter is on its way, and we are so excited! What fun crafty things are you doing with your kids to get ready for the big day?


Chrissie said...

Your kids are darling, and I love the baby food jar animals. So fun!

Thanks for visiting and leaving such sweet comments.

Teresa R said...

That is a cute way of using babyfood jars! We still have some in the root cellar even though my kids are now 11 and's because I'm a packrat (waaaah! I'm trying to change, really).

Ella is a doll! In the first photo, she has the same look as you do in your profile pic. :)

Jayne said... cute, your baby girl, and how FUN the craft project!

Allison said...

Chrissie--thanks for coming by! I do love your blog and hope my other readers will visit!

Teresa, glad you're back from your trip! That is a sweet observation about Ella and I; I don't often think lately that she looks like me, but in this case I think you are right!

Hi Jayne!!!

Michelle said...

OMGosh, these are so cute! A great way to use the baby food jars. We have soooo many left over after our first two, this would be a great project for them. Your little one is adorable!

jenni said...

that is a cute idea! good luck with the crocheted eggs! I am happy you are trying it!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous easter Idea...
I had tonnes of those Baby food jars and ever since giving them to the local kinder I have wanted them back!!!
Your kids look like real little cuties
Thanks for comming by my blog ..
I will be back to visit you again soon...
Going to read all your older posts

Reg said...

I am pretty sure that with photobucket and flickr you can store photos and do direct links to them. Alternately, you could do a tumblr blog and embed from there.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Miss Ella is a darling!!!
Thanks for trying my craft. Your's turned out WAY cute - cuter than mine! I have our two (since that's as far as I got) perched in C's room.