Monday, April 27, 2009

A Weekend in Brunswick, Part I

We headed up to Maine on Saturday and enjoyed a quiet and sunny weekend with my Dad and sister. Our plans were to hit Danny's on the town green for hotdogs, Cote's a little further up Maine Street (yes, it is spelled M-A-I-N-E) for ice cream and then spend the rest of the day with Dad at the house.

James and I people watching.

I just love spending a few hours on the town green in Brunswick. It brings back all sorts of great childhood memories--and I am happy to be able to make new memories with my own kids.

Ella enjoying the sunshine.

The town green is like many quintessential New England town greens--it extends nearly all the way down Maine Street and has a large pavilion on one end where bands play during the summer. In the winter the town floods part of it for ice skating.

One of the elegant old homes that line the green.

Brunswick's town green is always teeming with a mix of families with young children playing ball, older residents of the town enjoying ice cream on a bench, Bowdoin college kids out for an afternoon free from their studies, and tourists who will stand in line for a half an hour for a famous Danny's chili and cheese dog. This weekend, I was proud to count myself as a local who would stand in line just as long to support my local hotdog vendor!

A fun old car that cruised down for a day on the green.

My sister, Amy and I.

The famous "Maine Street" sign.

Danny's red and white trailer has been a fixture on the green for as long as I can remember. He only serves steamed hot dogs and cheeseburgers hot off the grill, and chips and soda--but that is IT. And let me tell you, there is only one place that rivals a Danny's hotdog in my opinion, and that is the White Hut in West Springfield, MA. (But--those are grilled, so it is a totally different hot dog experience!)

Pure hotdog heaven.

Over the years other trailers pop up on the mall, this year there was one selling fresh squeezed lemonade, and another selling tacos. They never had more than a couple of tourists at them. We overheard a couple ask the guy managing the lemonade / hotdog stand why there were upwards of 40 people patiently standing in line a few feet away at the Danny's trailer, and he said, "A 25 year habit is tough to break, I guess.) HE'S RIGHT!

We spotted a Maine Black Bear on Maine Street!

Anyhow, we got our dogs, scoped out a bench and had a great time people watching. There were tons of dogs--big ones, like the Newfoundland pictured above, small ones, you name it--playing frisbee, lounging in the sun, hoping for a bite of a Danny's dog.

The crazy line for ice cream at Cote's.

Next we headed up the street to Cote's ice cream. They make their own (I can't imagine in the 12" x 12" shack that they sell it out of) and it is awesome. Ever had Grapenut ice cream? Gifford's and Shady Glen are the only other places I've seen it--but I like Cote's the best. Chris had some kind of ice cream with WHOLE Reeses PB cups in it. Amy got the mint choc chip, and James had some soft serve vanilla. Oh yeah, and we did it all over again on Sunday!!!!!

Chris and I soaking it all in.

What a fantastic day. I love my hometown. I'll post Part II of this entry next!


Anonymous said...

It made me homesick - and I LIVE here! Sue B. Seriously, I really enjoy your blog. Haven't seen it for a few weeks but stopped in for a few minutes today. Seems like you are really enjoying as well as recording your life. GOOD on James for his trip to the dentist. I am of the white knuckle persuasion, myself. Ella is growing so fast. Your Dad was in today; got my farm eggs, yum. He seems better, smiles a bit, talks a little more - even invited me to help stack firewood, but I had to decline---due to not WANTING to stack firewood. Ha. Glad you all came up to Maine this past w/e. I know he really enjoyed seeing you all. He talked about taking James to the brook, etc. By the way, I saw Sandy St. Pierre's Dr. boyfriend in the shop today and he commented on what a nice Memorial you created for your Mom. So, Kudos. Enjoy your Spring. I'm off to LV Friday for my friend's son's wedding. Blessings, Sue

Auntie Amy said...

I had a great time this weekend and look forward to a million more. I love you all!

Kelly said...

Oh, what a wonderful post! Your hometown is a town out of the movies only better. It's wonderful you can introduce your children to what was important to you as a child. My little boy (he's actually not little anymore...soon to be 14) always talks about tradition. He has an old soul and has helped me find the beauty and importance in ritual and tradition.

Jayne said...

What a fun day! I love seeing town greens like that. It's so good to "go home again." :c)

Allison said...

Sue, I really love knowing that you read the blog. You know I started it to keep mom informed of how her grandson was doing and to flood her with baby pics. I miss her reading it--I know she loved it. Thanks for comenting. Love you.

Love you too, Amy!

Kelly, I love hearing that your boy has an old soul. Children like that are few and far between. What a treasure!

Jayne, you sum it up so perfectly--it IS so good to go home again.

Kim said...

To quote Dorothy - "There's no place like home". So true, isn't it?