Friday, January 30, 2009

What A Great Week!

This was what I considered to be our first full week in the new house, seeing as how we are mostly unpacked and could start to get back to our regular schedule. It was also a big week, with me giving my 6 week notice. A sense of calm is settling in about us, like the pieces of a puzzle slowly fitting into place.

James has been having a great time, and I tried hard to give him some extra attention seeing as how Ella has become a demanding little girl!

James spent a lot of time this week with these blocks that he received for Christmas from his Grandma and Grandpaw. Did you have these as a kid? I know my friend Stephanie over at Built to Last will appreciate seeing these.

I showed him how to build a race track on Tuesday, and we have had to re-build it every day since.

I think he enjoys this--especially when he yells "And Lightning McQueen comes across the finish line first!" I love the juxtaposition of new toys with old blocks.

We also had art time this week. I posted a few projects on my sidebar that we did--take a look. They are so much fun! I love his concentration here gluing.

He was very proud. "This is for Daddy." he told me.

Here is the dinosaur project. Tons of fun! We are going to the library today to find some dinosaur books so that I can show him a Stegosaurus.

And here is a picture based on the fruit bowl on our table!

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, James said, "Can I have a picnic?" So that's what we did for lunch!

And here's a little tidbit for you--Ella received two twin baby dolls for Christmas. James has "adopted" them and carries them around, burps them and feeds them.

Funny- he'll give them kisses but he won't kiss Ella because he says "She spits up on me!"

And I'll leave you with this photo--of James and I laying on the floor and taking pictures of ourselves at the same time--me with my Sony and he with his Playskool camera. PRICELESS!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

XOXO Allison


Stephanie said...

hahaha, I was thinking, "man, those blocks are cute," as I read what you wrote about me liking them. :)

That picture of you both taking your pictures is adorable. Happy weekend...glad you had such a good week. :)

Liz said...

You have a lot of energy! :)
Abby would love that paper craft - I will have to bookmark that one. Anything involving glue makes her very happy. Scissors are an added bonus!

Chris said...

great post babe