Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Toddler's-Eye View

Hi! My name is James. Mommy is letting me post the pictures I took with my new Fisher Price camera that my Auntie Amy gave me for Christmas. Mommy thought you would all enjoy seeing the world from my perspective, so here we go!

This is my Grandpa, Mommy's Dad. Auntie Amy is in the background. Can you see her?

I like to visit Grandpa because he takes me to see all of the animals on the farm. This is Mommy's horse, Sonny Boy. He is cranky and old and mean. But he likes me. I gave him an apple.

This is Flash. He is a new pretty horse that Grandpa helps take care of. He is nicer than Sonny Boy. I got to sit on his back!

This is a little bunny that I found in the barn Isn't he cute?

This is a picture of my feet that I took while riding in the car with Grandpa. I was obviously NOT in the car seat, and I got to sit in the front seat next to Grandpa.

Here is a picture I took of some of the geese and the chickens. That grey goose is Gaston. HE BITES.

This is Grandma and Grandpa's cat, Porky. He is cute. And fat.

This is Grandpa's wood stove. It is a close up picture, huh? Do you think Mommy would have freaked out if she saw me taking this picture?

This is Grandpa again. He is a TALL man. See?

This is a rug I like at Grandma's house.

This is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree. Grandpa cuts one down every year off of the farm. It has bubble lights. They are SO NEAT!

This is Auntie Amy. I was taking a picture of her while she was taking a picture of me. It is such a fun game!

This is my Daddy. He was trying to give me a photography lesson. Hi Daddy!!!

Guess who this is? Me!

I hope you liked my pictures! I'll post more of the next batch I have been taking soon.

Love you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Liz said...

Love it! Really cute "pov"! Please tell me every detail about that camera. Abby's birthday is right around the corner!

Kim said...

James, you're quite the photog!

Auntie Amy said...

I loooove it! I have been wondering how the pics would turn out and I think they came out great! Can't wait to take lots more when I get down there!

Gini said...

Is it the one that has the handles? Does it still use real film or is it digital. Hannah and Connor had one and had a blast with it. I sometimes think that is why Connor loves to takes pictures now. Great job James!!!

alice c said...

Hello James,
My boy had a camera just like yours when he was the same age as you! He used to take pictures of his dog and his cuddly toys. Now that he is much, much bigger he has a grown up camera and he still has lots of fun taking photos.
Make sure you take lots of pictures of your Mom.

Redhead in Vegas said...

Ditto on Liz's comment. Ryan's birthday is Tuesday and I am kind of out of ideas. It's hard having her b-day so close to the holidays.