Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just Pics

Crazy busy, just a bunch of pics--we have so many to share and have just been having so much fun that there is no time to post.

Ella on New Year's Eve:

Brrrr!!!! A great way to start New Year's Day (I did ask for the cold weather, didn't I"):

Ella smiles all the time, even when we are freaking out about how much formula costs and how fast she goes through it (Although our pound a week of Starbucks addiction is just as bad):

James watching Wall-E with his entourage:

My baby girl dreaming of all things pink:

Isn't she gorgeous?

Can you see James in here?

Always, always taking pictures (like his Mommy!):

Ella helping me cook dinner (yes, she is quite close to the counter edge--nobody ever said I was gonna win the Mommy of the Year award.):

A few James-isms of late:
  • "Dude, are you kiddin' me?"
  • "Oh SHIT!" musta learned that from his Dad.
  • "Mommy, I miss it!" when I slept in late this morning and came down after he had been up with Daddy.
  • When he is done talking on the phone and passes it to me he says to the caller "OK, hold on tight!"
  • "Whaaaaaatz up, homey?" Thanks for that one, Chris.
More later! Ella goes for her late 4 month check up on Wednesday, so I'll be posting her stats after that. Hope everyone is doing great!




Gini said...

Great pictures. I stole one off the slide show for my blog....thank you very much.

Auntie Amy said...

Love the one of James and the pups, but it made me a little jealous. Could El be more perfect! Love it!

Kim said...

Great pictures! Love the one of the little pink burrito!