Friday, July 11, 2008

Yogurt: It's a Good Thing

I try to eat one yogurt every day. A few months ago James starting asking "Have some?" and soon I realized that he was eating more of my yogurt than I was. So the other day in the store I bought him his own.

I think he was a little wary of the color at first (and so was I--can't they make natural looking yogurt for kids? Not nuclear pink-colored Triple Cherry Blast???!!!) but he soon was digging in.

First bite . . . YUM!!!

Hmmm . . sweet and fruity!!!

Gotta get all the way to the bottom!!

I think he likes it!

Maybe if I want to buy him normal yogurt I should not pick the Trix brand--ya think?? But then it might not be so good!


Kim said...

Have you tried the yo baby yogurt - my kids love that stuff!!

Kim said...

A lot of people I know love the Yo Baby yogurt. I love Trix cereal myself, so I may have to try some of that yogurt!

Gini said...

That Trix stuff is nasty! James - shame on you! My kids all loved the Yo-Baby yogurt, though.