Monday, July 14, 2008

New James-isms

James is talking up a storm these days. Some of my new favorite sayings include:

  • "Mommy's working." When he comes into my office a hundred times a day.
  • "What's dat?" when he hears a dog barking, the doorbell, or the front door open.
  • "Call Grandma?" He brings me the phone, we dial, and then he doesn't want to talk.
  • "Gini swimming?" Of course, he associates his Aunite Gini with his FAVORITE activity--swimming.
  • "Rocco, GO AWAY!" Which he obviously learned from me.
  • "Ginky room?" which he calls his old baby room.
  • "Big boy room?" his new room where his new big boy bed is.
  • "Have a day day." for have a nice day.
  • "Mack! Mack!" when he sees a big 18-wheeler and thinks it is Mack from the Cars movie.
  • "Have some?" when he wants my smoothie, my yogurt, or my popsicle.
  • "Birfday cake?" his response when you ask him what he wants for breakfast.
  • "Baby in dere." When I point to my belly and ask him what is inside it.


Jerolyn said...

I love that he says birfday...that is one of my all time fave words!

Tara said...

Can't wait to pinch those little cheeks!!!
I do still love "deelicious!"

Kim said...

Very cute!

Gini said...

I love when he gets here and says "Hi Gini, Hi Bill, Hi Connor, Hi Hannah, Hi Garrin, Hi Mick" all before he gets to the family room.

Redhead in Vegas said...

How fun!!!

Stephanie said...

"have some?" sweet.

I love their little words.