Friday, July 18, 2008

My Son is in Love

This morning I was flipping through the TV channels looking for Blues Clues or Little Bear, when I stumbled across the latest movie version of Charlotte's Web. A story I LOVED as a kid, I should have known that the minute it came on my son would be mesmerized. Afterall, he LOVES:
  • pigs
  • cows
  • bugs
  • geese
  • horses
  • sheep
  • blonde girls

So he has been sitting on the couch, smiling raptly at Wilbur and Charlotte for the past hour. I know that soon the sad part of the story will come--and I hope that the demise of Charlotte doesn't fully sink in for him--yet.

A boy after his mother's heart. And his gandmother's. And his grandfather's. Sorry Chris--but it is a nice break from the Cars movie.

I think I'll get him a pig.


Anonymous said...

OH YES...lets get him a pig!!!! remember those pigs we got when you were little?????

Bill said...

e i e i o.. and on that farm we had a...... you have fun with the pig, goat, sheep, cow, rooster, horse, chicken.. chris will need a john deere to clean the mess. Or better yet, can you imagine Chris and those animals on his lawn.. My new place to look for Chris's birfday presents...

and don't forget, we have that John Deere thingy in our garage that James can use to help Chris... you can see how much use we have gotten out of it..

Gini said...

OMGosh - I might have to agree with Bill. I'd have to take dog pee-pee and poop over farm animal doo-doo. Anyhoo - Loved Charlottes Web myself as a kid. The movie is adorable. My kids did not appreciate it's cuteness when they saw it though.

Denise said...

Didn't see the movie but the story is a classic!

Kim said...

One of my favorite books growing up; so much so that I named my fetal pig in college Bio class Wilbur.

That's some pig!

Jerolyn said...

Charlotte: sweet, sweet Wilbur.

Wilbur: Goodbye, Charlotte. I love you.

(sniff, sniff)

Allison said...

Oh Jerolyn!! You made me tear up!

Redhead in Vegas said...

I liked the cartoon version so much better. That book was one of my favorites, too.

I did he same thing, only it was high school Bio and I kind of had a bit of a breakdown because of it. Let's just say I needed my friend to finish the job for me, and I did all the paperwork for the lab. Very unlike me.

Enough said.

Kim said...

I know this will be the cheeziest thing you will ever hear {and I don't even know why it is important enough to even tell you} BUT that pig in the movie is from here!! My town - where I live!! Isn't that crazy!?

Now, don't get tooo excited!!

Teena in Toronto said...

I saw this movie a couple months ago. I didn't want to see it because Charlotte dies ... but I was surprised that it was a really good movie!