Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok folks--you can't see quite how short the hair cut is--but here is a pic anyhow:

Here is a pic from yesterday pre-hair cut. Why did I even bother?

On another note--James still has his binky attachment. We were down to two and so we decided to order him some more (and we ordered some for Ella, too). James has only ever had the orange ones, and so when he saw the blue ones that his Dad got, he was like "What the heck is this???"

James has been getting a shipment of books from his grandparents every couple of weeks. He LOVES getting these! He was very excited when I told him he got a box today. He said "Books? Books??"

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

And, here is today's tomato harvest.

Oh, Chris--I wish you were here to enjoy these babies with me! I miss you! (James does too. He keeps asking "Where Daddy?" and "What Daddy doing?")



Redhead in Vegas said...

james looks adorable as usual. you did a great job! enjoy reading all of the new books

alice c said...

I'm thinking that there may be another visit to a train station in your future!

Stephanie said...

Those books look really cool.

Will they send me a box? kidding. :)