Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Home . . .

I am sitting in my hotel room typing this--it is almost 7pm and the wear and tear of the work week is taking it's toll. I am in PA for a week-long team meeting which has been invigorating, productive, stressful and exhausting. Since I work from home and my company is in PA, I only get to see my colleagues three times a year when we come together to strategic plan.

Pre-James I used to travel nearly 20 weeks a year. Although I am the Communications Director for my company, I also wear an educator/public speaker hat, which used to take me all over the country. On any given day you might have found me speaking about how nursing homes COULD be places where elders are celebrated as individuals--not just thought of as places where people go to die. And, if I wasn't at a speaking engagement, I was onsite at a nursing home guiding the employees towards a model of care that was based on the whole person and not just their diagnosis.

The work was incredibly fulfilling, but the travel, delayed flights, smelly taxis, hotel rooms and Bob Evans-style meals were not always fun. This week has reminded me that "spreading the word" comes with the personal sacrifice of being uncomfortable, lonely, and food-challenged.

These days I am so thankful that my travel has been cut back and I am able to do 75% of my work from home. I travel about 6 weeks a year now (with MANY thanks going out to Gini for watching James while I am away, and to Chris for being there for him in the morning and at night). I know how rare it is to be able to sucessfully juggle being a Mom and working full-time, and I don't ever take that for granted. And many thanks go to my company for respecting the work/life balance that it's employees need in order to remain happy.

So, while the meal was less than satisfying tonight, and my 5th night in a hotel will certainly not be like sleeping in my own bed, I am only too happy to still be a part of an organization that is trying to make life better for elders.

I am headed home tomorrow--back to my husband, my son, my extended family and my home. THAT makes me very happy.


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Gini said...

Hey and a big ol' shout out to Uncle Bill for taking care of James in the morning (cause I am at the gym still) after Chris drops him off and the delicious eggs he fixed for him!!!!

Chris said...

Babe, we can't wait to see you. You have been away too long. Love, Chris and James