Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Bash #1

We were invited to attend a Halloween Bash at my dear friend Sheri's last night. A party at Sheri's? I'M THERE! I hadn't quite finished getting our costumes together, so there was some last-minute running around but we pulled it off!

James wanted to be Luigi from Mario Brothers. I lost his mustache (bad mommy) and when we got to Sheri's her daughter, Kameron, graciously offered to draw him one with eyeliner. He wasn't too keen on that idea, and wiped the one we had managed to draw on off immediately!

The picture below was one of my favorite moments of the evening--Kam tied donuts to a ribbon, and each participant had to eat their doughnut without using their hands. Guess who won? You know it! Moi! (Let's be happy that there aren't any pics of me swallowing the donut almost whole. YUCK!)

Here is my other favorite moment--Kam had us do a chain ghost storytelling game. James loved it! Almost every night we do a "made up story" before bed. One of us starts, and each takes a turn telling. This was a hit!!

And did you see Kam's hat? She was the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter. AWESOME. Her costume was all put together by hand.

Here is a pic of another great moment (okay, the whole evening was filled with fabulous moments!) Sheri's son Joe is a volunteer fireman. He came in to the party after his shift in his uniform. He went to his room and a few minutes later he came out in a Dunkin Donuts uniform. I was like "Dude! That's classic!" Thinking it was his costume for the party. NOPE! He works across the street at D&D! D-o-h!!!!

We all ran across the street in our costumes and he gave James and Ella donuts (I had already had my fill, thank you VERY much!) James LOVES D&D and firemen, so Joe is his new hero!

Here is Sheri, or should I say Edward Scissorhands, and her daughter Kameron. Isn't their makeup fantastic? I seriously couldn't look Sheri in the eye all night. She FREAKED ME OUT!!!

Here is Joe, Sheri and Kam:

Here are two more party goers and really fun ladies, Aldene and her daughter Amanda:

Here is Sheri's Mom:

James making a fun Boo Drink!

Cute pic of the kids (love the wings!)

Chris dressed as Mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes!



My little fairy princess! (Her little sparkly flats are so cute!!!!!)

Thanks Sheri! We had a spooky great time!!!!


Anonymous said...

We all had so much fun! sometimes those spontaneous get-to-gethers are the best! Sprinkled with a little Witches Brew, costumes, great friends, D&D, & of course spiders & snakes~love you all :) xo

Jayne said...

How fun!!