Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Chapter Begins

So, here I am, turning the page and starting anew after a nice rest during which I soaked in some late summer sunshine, celebrated my daughter's first birthday and sent my son off to pre-school. For those of you who used to read my posts on Tutta la Storia, welcome to Under A Shady Tree!

A few weeks ago my husband said that he missed my blog posts. That was all I needed to get back to Blogland. You see, Tutta was mainly created to keep family updated that were far from us. My husband is out of town nearly every week, so I was chronicling moments from home for him to share in.

My first blog post on Tutta was a collection of photos taken to celebrate my son's first birthday. We recently did the same a couple of weekends ago in Maine for my daughter. We chose a spot not far from where I grew up and a friend from school took the photos. The day was breezy, sunny, and beautiful. Enjoy.

The dresses that Ella is wearing are vintage--the pink one is from the 50s and the white one is a Victorian Christening gown that was altered to add-in a doily that says "Baby." These were gifts from my Mother.

The photographer is William Morgan Conant from Brunswick Maine. Leave me a comment here if you would like his contact information.


Chris said...

Babe - I love the new blog... looking forward to getting my daily fix!

alice c said...

Hi Allison,
I am so thrilled to find you again. I have missed reading about your life and seeing James and Ella grow. I can't believe that Ella is one already - how quickly that year has passed.
Looking forward to the next year!

kim said...

whoo-hoo! Your back!! And I'm soooo excited! When I saw your comment "under a shady tree", I literally said {in my head} "you and me, . . . under shady tree, you and me, . . ." haha! We listen to the same thing, sista!

And those kids . . .! I could but Ella in between 2 pieces of bread and eat her up! Love the pictures!

Allison said...

Chris, I am so glad that you will be able to catch all the little moments that happen while you are away now.

ALICE!!!! I am smiling ear to ear. That is all there is to say about that.

Kim, too funny, I tell Ella all the time that I am going to put her toes between two slices of buttered bread and eat 'em up!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you are back! I've missed your perspective.

Jayne said...

It's soooo good to see you back, and I am so glad I stumbled upon you when I was checking my Sitemeter hits! Yea!

Your new little corner here is lovely, and the photos above are absolutely adorable. :c)

Welcome back my friend... welcome back.

rwells said...

Wow, this really made my day.. The pictures are truely amazing, you guys look awesome! I can't believe how big the kids are.. Looks like you guys are doing great!! Hugs all around...