Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Not-So-Little-Boy Goes to Pre-School!

There are so many emotions swirling around inside of me as I collect my thoughts for this post. Pride, sadness, joy, anxiety, and overall a letting go--of my baby!

We enrolled James in the public pre-school this summer. There are 11 children in his class, and school is four days a week for three hours every morning.

James is three years old and many of the children are four, so I am a little anxious as to how well he will do for himself--but so far he is doing great!

Last week the school had an open house, and James got to meet his teacher. Let's just say that he is ENTHRALLED with her. I mean seriously--he had only just met her and when we took his picture with her he looked like this!

When was the last time I got him to smile like that? Honestly, I think it was on his train ride to NYC!

Anyhow, the Open House was fun, James got to meet the other children and check out the classroom. Ella had fun too. Here she is with Granny Annie:

James was pretty happy to check out the school mascot, "Stripes" when we left.

After the Open House we took him down to Essex to ride the steam train and the riverboat as a special treat. More pics from that later.

And here is my boy, on his first official morning of school.

Looks a little unsure! Maybe he needs some extra cuddling with his Mom?

Uh, no. He's good.

So Chris took the day off and we drove him to school together. Miraculously I kept my tears at bay. But boy, let me say that when I hugged him good bye and sent him off to his teacher he NEVER LOOKED BACK.

I thought "Well, maybe when we pick him up he'll need me to smother him in kisses and will allow me to make an utter fool of myself mauling him in the school parking lot with hugs."

Uh, again, no.

Pretty much all he wanted was his Daddy.

It's cool. I'm good with it. (Sob, sob, sniff.)


Stephanie said...

I found you through my stats! :) He looks adorable and is such a big boy. :( I know what a double edged sword that is. How nice for you & Ella to have a little time one on one, though. Enjoy the quiet. :) (so happy to have you back.)

Chris said...

Another great post. Can't believe the little boy is going to school already!

Jayne said...

Such a big milestone! So sweet to see him being so happy and brave. :c)

alice c said...

What a sweet post. I promise you that you will always be glad that you wrote all that down and captured the memories with photos - especially that last magical one.