Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Wreaths with Found Greens

I have been meaning to change the two wreaths that I have had hanging since Easter. Best intentions, right?

I have never tried my hand at making wreaths before, but after some internet research, I decided to try and make them myself with greens found from my yard. Here are the results!

The kitchen door wreath, about a 12" in diameter wreath form:

And the front door wreath, a 24" form:

My father had given me some sea lavender on our last visit that I used on the front door wreath. I made the big one yesterday and the smaller one today (both during Ella's naps.) Thank goodness I had James' new truck to keep him busy making circles around the yard while I was working!

What do you think? Don't look too closely, you are bound to see the miles and miles of florist wire that I used. Have you ever made a wreath? Did you enjoy it? I did, but my fingers are killing me!

My only concern about these is that I used live greenery, except for the sea lavender. I am hopeful that the greens will dry naturally, and am crossing my fingers that they just don't die completely!


Stephanie said...

These look gorgeous. I've never tried, but I might now. :)

Jayne said...

You talented girl you! THOSE are magnificent! Oh, I do hope they dry out. Love the sedum in them. You know it will dry nicely. Wow. Now, you've got me wanting to try too!