Monday, December 1, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training

CAUTION: Extreme cuteness and underpants shots are included in this post.

We are in the midst of potty training. James was just about there when we had Ella, moved out of our Vegas house, moved into Gini's house for a couple of weeks, moved cross-country, Chris started a new job where he is gone all week, and just basically threw as many changes at him as possible. It's no wonder he regressed.

I decided to take a relaxed approach and just basically started to slowly ask him again if he had to go, and then rewarded him when he did. I bought him cool underpants, made him reward charts, etc. He was doing pretty great and then just dropped any interest in it.

The issue has never been (ahem) #2. I can say that I haven't changed a poopy James diaper in the last two weeks. He tells me when he has to go, and he does great. He even told Dennis' Mom at Thanksgiving and said "Hurry, hurry!" Very cute.

So, we are starting again. Today is the big day. We did a few dry runs (ha ha) yesterday, and are in total BIG BOY underpants today. As of lunch time today we haven't had any accidents.

He is very proud.

Here is his Big Boy Potty chart. He gets a Cars sticker every time he pees, and two stickers for #2. He tries to go #2 A LOT. HE WANTS THOSE STICKERS!

I'd like to say a special thank you to Disney / Pixar, and to whomever the marketing genius was who came up with this sticker book. That's right folks, OVER 700 STICKERS! (That's a lot of poop!)

Additionally, a shout out to the same person who probably came up with the Mater underpants. James' favorite. Here's a hint. Not every two year old wants an assortment of Cars characters in their underpants pak of 3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start making packs of JUST TOWMATER.

This post is sure to prove delightfully embarassing for James when I show it to his future fiance! Yes, I asked him to show me his butt and then say cheese. OMG. There is so much cuteness in this picture that I just CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!

Wish us luck this week! (And we are accepting any and all gifts of Cars stickers and Towmater underpants. Size 3T, please.)


Kim said...

Nice job, James!

Yeah, that last picture's gonna be embarrassing someday...

Gini said...

Very funny. Trust me when I say, it took all I could do to not steal that book of stickers when I saw it at your house. You hit the mother-load with that purchase! He does look adorable..

Amy said...

Can't wait to see that cute butt in person!

Chris said...

Good job, James! Dad is proud of you.