Friday, December 5, 2008

Talk on the Phone?

James' new favorite pastime?

Everyday he picks someone that he wants to call
and he asks me all day long if he can call them.

"Talk a Daddy?"
"Talk a Grandpa?"
"Talk a Auntie Gini?"
"Talk a Auntie Amy?"
"Talk a Grandma?"
"Talk a Auntie Kimmy?"
"Talk a Garrin?"
"Talk a Dennis?"
"Talk a Matthew?"

(If your name isn't on this list it just means
that he isn't to the point of torturing me with calling YOU yet.)

He concentrates very hard when he is on the phone.
His favorite topics are playing cars, riding the red tractor
and what he had for lunch.

I snapped this shot of him the other day
when he was talking to his Grandpa.



Gini said...

I love this post! And I love James. I had a message on my phone yesterday, so I got to replay the message he had left me. I AM NEVER DELETING IT- "I love you, Garrin..."

Regina Heater said...

Um, why doesn't your child wear pants? ;)

Kim said...

Very cute! Call me anytime, James!

Erica said...

Put me on the list!!! :)