Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day Rewind

We accepted an invitation to have Thanksgiving with Kimmy's in-laws and headed over there for a big feast, some cards and assorted Thanksgiving fun.

Dennis spent some time showing James the "barn" and letting him ride on Dennis Sr.'s riding mower, or "tractor." James kept asking Dennis where the geese and the sheep were. CUTE!!!

Here is sleepy Ella with Mrs. Egan.

Danielle had fun playing with James, and showed him the proper way to wear a block box hat.

Stacker was a favorite of James' this Thanksgiving, and was obliged to give many hugs.

Of course, being my son, James had to entertain everyone with about 100 renditions of the ABCs. The best part? When James asked everybody, "Now sing it backwards!"

I had to keep my eye on Denise all day, as I was fairly sure she was going to steal my little girl. Hey, thanks so much Denise for watching Ella so her Mommy could play cards!

Finally getting a little sleepy?

Chris and I. Do I smile that big all the time? HOLY COW!

My sweetie pie, honey bunches, Ella.

Thanks to our hosts! It was great!


Gini said...

Seems like a nice full day. Happy Late Thanksgiving.

Jerolyn said...

The kids are just so darn cute! I actually miss being cozy inside when it cold outside this time of year. Those pics look cozy on the inside! AND it is not cold outside yet...RATS!

Chris said...

I look cocked

Kim said...

Chris, I was thinking the same thing!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm still laughing (empathetically) about the four ill-fitting baby hats! Happy December to you...