Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Grab Bag Assortment of Photos and Thoughts

Hello? Is anyone out there still reading? I haven't posted for ten days, so if I have lost all of my Bloggy friends I won't be too surprised!

I have been back to work for two weeks now and I have to say, it is thrilling and disconcerting all at the same time. Dropping my little ones at school at 7 in the morning is tough--but when they literally RUN into school and start laughing and playing I have to feel pretty good.

We had some bumps in the road last week--not the least of which was the call I received around 12:30 on Friday letting me know that James had a temp of almost 102. I raced out of work to get him and got to see nap time in full swing for the first time. The kids were all on cozy costs with their special blankies and lovies and favorite stuffed toys from home, backs being rubbed by the teachers--it was a sweet scene. My heart broke a little when I saw my boy, passed out from his fever--but I collected him and then Ella and brought him home and made him comfortable. In times like those it is good to know that you have loving professionals who can take great care of your children!

So work is great for me--I am turning my space at work into the "Un-corporate office" and am filling it up with vintage everything! Books, artwork, even a great repro birdcage that Dad brought down last weekend. I will post pics when I have it completed!

On to the photos of the kids . . . ENJOY! (And hopefully it won't be ten days until I post a again!) xoxo Allison

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TeresaR said...

I actually took a couple of months off, and it felt good! :)

I hope James is feeling better now. Glad to hear that you're loving work and the kids are loving school!