Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ella Bella Schmella

That's what James calls Ella, and I love it.

I had the brains to grab my camera tonight, and was snapping pics of my girl since she was being extra-special silly.

This week has not been so hard so much as new. New routines, packing lunches the night before, rousing the kids out of bed at 6 (I never had to do THAT before I started working!). I actually sang both of them to sleep tonite and they were doing this crazy thing--I think its called "yawning." I don;t know because that has never happened in this house before!

I am glad to see that all of the NEW has not changed my little sweetheart. She is still funny, and bossy, and just shining so brightly. Now it just seems that more people get to see that.

Yesterday her teacher told me that when James' class came through to go downstairs and play in the gym, each and every one of the kids in the class stopped to hug my little peanut.

No wonder she knows how to shine for the camera. She has her own little paparazzi!


Chris said...

she is so beautiful. miss you guys.

Auntie Amy said...

I think that she looks like a mini-Allison in these photos!

Flannery Buchanan said...

what a cutie pie. i'm sure they are doing great with the new routine!