Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Wii Bit of Competition

We purchased a Wii in November.
It has been very fun, aside from the fact that James is OBSESSED with it.
He asks me every other minute, "Mom, can I play the Wii?"

I try to limit him to a couple of half-hour sessions a day.
That lessens the likelihood of his waking in the middle of the night
with a bad dream that he is Lightening McQueen and
losing against Mater in a Monster Truck race.

But now, someone else seems VERY interested in playing also,
so James may have to start S-H-A-R-I-N-G.

Ella's a firecracker, for sure. James better look out
--because as soon as she learns how to operate the new racing steering wheels
that Auntie Amy sent, he's going down!


Anonymous said...

Oh no...not another Wii addict! LOL! My younger son was totally into the sports Wii, but once they got the Star Wars and Bionicles Wii games, I really have to go yell at them to get off the Wii. Ugh.

Your kids are really cute on that board! And watch out, James! ;)

Liz said...

I have it worse here - Abby is obsessed with WII FIT!!! She forces me to exercise! LOL

Jayne said...

Hehe! How cute to see the two of them together so excited. ;c)

Michelle said...

Those Wii's can be HARD!! You wouldnt think so but I've been on one of those and ended up WAY outta breath. Lol! Ella and James are still young...they can handle it a lot easier. LOL!