Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stumbled Upon a a Little Photoshop Fun

I've been working hard with my new gig consulting for Pioneer Network. I have enjoyed really digging in deep and getting my head wrapped around a project--the planning, the brainstorming, the fervent writing and designing. Mostly I enjoy the interaction with talented people all over the country who are so committed to advocating for a sea change in the way we view and care for elders.

This past week I was puzzled with how to transform a photo I was working with, and decided to import it into Photoshop to get the result I was looking for. All I was doing was setting a margin and adding a caption--but then I started to play.

And now I'm hooked. My sister-in-law has been exploring this part of Photoshop for a while, and I can see why she is enjoying it so much!

Uh-oh, JUST what I needed. Another amazingly fun and interesting thing to add to my list of amazingly fun and interesting things that I want to do.

1. Make Giada's Cornmeal and Rosemary Cake with Balsamic Drizzle.

2. Finish reading The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold.

3. Run around town in my new boots.

4. Make this busy book for James.

5. Sew this ribbon blankie for Ella.

6. Whip up a batch of these 7 Layer Bars.

Hmmm . . . I need more hours in my day!!

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Regina said...

You are so wonderful!