Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cookie Memories

I'm thinking a lot about my mom. She passed away this month three years ago and sometimes I am stopped in my tracks, stunned at the thought of the fact that she is gone.

Today I was making cookies for Chris--I gave the beaters to James, and was telling him how his Grandma always gave the beaters to me and Amy. Then I got really sad. Those pockets of happy and sad just come out--and they are unavoidable and they hurt. But at the same time, I know they are good for me. We grieve, but we remember. Sometimes we smile, sometimes we are sad, but in the end we are remembering a life, a person that we loved, who helped to make us who we are.

Anyhow, the cookies were good.


1 comment:

Three Sisterz said...

so sweet. thinking of you while you are in this pocket of sad.