Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday(s) Mom and Dad

Mom's birthday was November 3rd, and Dad's birthday was November 5th. Here they are on their wedding day,

And here they are a couple of years ago (I think this photo is from 2008).

Love you both. Mom I miss you so much. Dad, I love how wonderful you are with the kids, and I know Mom can see what a great Grandpa you are being to them.




Anonymous said...

Such sweet and wonderful photos of your folks! Happy birthday to both of them. I wish your mom was still here. My mom just died a month short of her birthday; hers would have been Nov 29th.

Allison said...

Hi Teresa, thanks for the kind words and the birthday wishes--I am sure you will be especially thinking of your mom this Thanksgiving. ;-)

Allison said...
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Kelly said...

...what a beautiful remembrance. You look so much like your mom. She is absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress, and I love the flowers in her hair.

also...cute, cute, cute Halloween photos. Ooohhhh...I remember so well taking Matty out when he was small and all of the cute costumes he had.