Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Vintage Pollyanna Update

I have to say I am overwhelmingly pleased with how my new blog, Vintage Pollyanna is being received. I don't think I could have known how much interest there really is out there in Blogland for vintage, thrift, craft and baking all thrown into one blog.

I've had over 15,000 visits in 5 weeks. That is astonishingly high for a little blog just in its infancy (and being that I know a little about social marketing and blog networking, I am really flabbergasted by the numbers.)

My good bloggy friend Kim over at Small Words surprised me by featuring my blog on her blog. Don't you love that? One friend supporting another? It makes me so crazy happy I almost can't stand it. Thank you, Kim!

I just finished a few fun button necklaces today, made from buttons out of Mom's shop. I think she would have loved them, especially since she got me started on button bracelets a few years ago.

I know that my Mom cab see what's going on down here in my little world--I know that she is aware of how well the kids are doing, how happy and silly and loved they are, and I also know that she is keeping a loving and watchful eye on Chris and I, on my Dad and on my sister Amy. I know she must be aware of how much she is missed. Every time I post on Vintage Pollyanna I feel like I am connecting with her, and that is a really wonderful feeling. Love you and miss you Mom.

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