Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Farewell, Old Boy

Le-Sa and Sonny Boy grazing - Summer 2004

I was saddened to learn that my Dad had to make a decision to put down my horse Sonny Boy (in the above photo on the right) last week.

He was a Morgan-Quarter Horse cross. My parents purchased him for me in 8th grade (if I remember correctly) and he was my gaming horse. Once the Kennebec Gaming Champion, Sonny Boy was very quick and adept at running barrels.

We think that he was about 35 at the end of his life. That is a long time for a horse--but I attribute it to the fact that once I went to college, he and Le-Sa (my cinnamon and sugar Appaloosa Arabian cross) were put out to pasture. Each and every day the two of them could meander through acres and acres of gorgeous, lush, green fields with a fresh water pond and not a care in the world.

We lost Le-Sa a couple of years ago, and we knew that Sonny's time was nearing. The vet came out and eased him out of this world and into the next, with my Dad sitting by Sonny's side, cradling his head.

That Sonny-Boy was a brat, for sure. Always pushing his way to the grain, the apples, taking a bigger share of hay, what have you. He was mean--and he would try to step on your feet, shove you against the stall wall, and throw you if he got too hot under the saddle.

But, he taught me how to handle an ornery horse, how to never let my guard down, and how to love unconditionally.

My Dad has been his keeper all those years since I left for school. Every day, feeding, watering, grooming, giving apples and carrots and pats on the neck. I know those horses were better for it.

Thanks, Dad, for doing everything that you could to give those horses the best home possible.

And to Sonny Boy--I know that you are galloping around horse heaven right now with Le-Sa, and she is probably pissed because you are undoubtedly shoving her away from the oats. Try and be nice to her, old boy.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What a sweet tribute to a big part of your life. They are both beautiful and sounds like they had the 'perfect' horse life!!!

Jayne said...

Awww... so sorry to hear this Allison. I am sure his life was such a happy one, and I know you were graced to have him in your life.

TeresaR said...

Any animal (or person) that is loved by you is a very lucky being indeed.

I'm sorry that I completely flaked and didn't update your blog on my page. In fact, I completely flaked and forgot that you had started a new blog. Such as been my brain lately. I'm so glad you prodded me!


Michelle said...

Oh Allison, so sorry but it seems like he lived a long and wonderful life thanks to your dad. Awww..they are both so sweet and beautiful. I'm sure they are gallopping together in Heaven. :) Lots and lots of hugs...


Michelle :)