Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Overnight to Providence

On Thursday we headed to Providence, Rhode Island for an overnight trip. Our plan was to go to the Roger Williams Zoo on Friday if the weather was good.

We stayed at a Hilton in downtown and the kids got to play in the pool. Isn't Ella's bikini adorable?

We had a great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then settled down early for the night. When you put your kids in bed by 8pm and you are in one room, that means the whole family goes to bed at the same time!

The next day we headed to the zoo--we were lucky, the weather held out and was sunny for our entire visit.

I am such a kid about going to the zoo--I really love it and am probably more excited than my kids are.

Some of the highlights of the visit were that we got to see the elephants being bathed--they laid down and had their backs scrubbed and really seemed to enjoy it!

There was also an indoor butterfly exhibit that was just amazing.

The butterflies were literally all around us--they would fly right past Ella's little nose. It was a great exhibit for her to see.

We had a great time and will definitely go back. And thanks to a short break in the weather, we were able to have a lovely, rain-free visit! (The minute we left the parking lot, the downpour began).

Of course, before we left Rhode Island, we stopped for a Del's Lemonade and clam fritters. It was a great mini-vacation!


Liz said...

Love day-cations.
As far as hotels - we always get a suite now, no turning back.
It's funny - we're planning a night away, just the 2 of us and we'll likely get a shitty hotel room. Why? BC when you travel with 2 kids and spend a lot of time in the room, you spend a lot of money on a room nice enough to spend a lot of time in. When you travel as a romantic couple, you plan to spend your time elsewhere and by the time you get back to your room - then who gives a shit as long as the sheets are clean!!?? LOL!
I hate zoos. Hate to see the animals locked up. Unless it's a refuge or a rescue or a medical issue, I can't stand them. And don't even get me started on circuses...
But I love that you had a wonderful day with your family - and gorgeous weather.
And I'm sure the kids loved the zoo. My kids will never know. (I'm sure lots of people think that's mean of me, too damn bad.)

Allison said...

I have always been a supporter of organizations that participate in endangered species education and re-introduction. The RW Zoo is one such organization. You can read their mission statement here, and you can read about their work with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums who work to "to save species from imminent extinction by determining the best ex situ ways to care for, reproduce with genetic diversity, and develop Reintroduction Programs to re-establish in situ populations" here,

Liz said...

I am not sure I won't change my mind on that tho - I have to admit.
I miss the days of not taking everything so damn seriously sometimes. Kids make you realize that.

Liz said...

The Bronx Zoo and the DC Zoo have all the accreditation in the world, too - still can't stomach the animals in the cages.

Allison said...

I can appreciate your point--I did have a hard time seeing the bald eagles captive--and was getting all worked up about it until I found out that both had been injured in the wild and were unable to fly. And, you are right about kids--seeing the look on James' face when one of the elephants laid down for his bath was SO GREAT. Quite the moment that I doubt I will ever forget!

Regina Heater said...

I had a moratorium on zoos until I went with you guys. It does make me sad to see animals out of their natural habitat, but when it's a rescue or endangered species situation, and when the zoo provides well for its inhabitants - particularly when they emphasize conservation, I'm OK with that, especially when I can see how a child like James is gaining appreciation for such things as we walk through. Maybe we can do an overnight to Philadelphia - right down the Amtrak - to the zoo there sometime. Never been to the one in RI, but consider me when you head back!

PS Did my BFF see any fancy schmancy strollers he liked?

Jayne said...

How fun! I love the zoo too!

TeresaR said...

I'm more like Liz when it comes to zoos, but there are really good zoos, I know, where the animals aren't pacing their cages, and I'm all for the rehab type of zoos.

So glad the rains held off for you!

Ella is too adorable in her bikini! Re kids in the same hotel room: ours are 13 and 11 and still stay in our room when we travel, and, yes, we all go to bed at the same time. ;D Maybe in 2 more yrs, they have can their own room...

Clam fritters...drool!!

I'll be off on vacation myself, so have a lovely July!