Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday James!

I love you, my dear boy, and am just amazed that you are five.
Five years of great big smiles;
big, warm, hugs;
hundreds of bedtime stories, silly knock knock jokes and impromptu songs;
hours and hours of Mario on the Wii, the Nintendo and the DS;
a million jars of peanut butter;
a bizillion donuts worth of "I Love You's."

You are a sweet, kind and caring young boy
that is pretty good (most of the time) to your sister;
you do a great job being the "man of the house" when Daddy is on the road;
you never, EVER forget to clear your plate;
you are the best little reader I know
and you stole my heart from the very MOMENT I laid eyes on you.

Happy 5th Birthday, my Love.

XOXO Mommy